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Various Australian Government authorities, in particular Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), DAFF Biosecurity and Australian Customs closely monitor all aspects of the Australian Tuna industry. The Government Authorities role is to enforce and control the correct quota is caught, bait feed is not contaminated in any way, and that the processing method meets the strict health and sanitary guidelines of the Australian Government and the countries that are receiving the final products.

The Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) is the International body that manages the catch of all SBT through the world ensuring that quotas allocated to each country will guarantee that wild stock levels are fished at sustainable levels. The CCSBT has introduced and enforced Catch Documentation Schemes as an additional compliance measure to ensure that fish caught outside of the quota system cannot be sold.

Catch, ranch and harvest.

Each purse seine boat must report, daily, its global position, and must also report, daily, the catch, and / or 'shots' attempted. The boats towing the pontoons must also report their position daily and include details of number and size of any mortalities in the pontoon. In addition to daily reporting, all boats are electronically monitored by AFMA via VMS (Vessel Monitoring System). AFMA inspectors randomly spend time on any of the purse seine or towing boats at sea to confirm that everything is done in accordance with their strict regulations. More information on CCSBT can be found on our Links web page.

In addition to any Government monitoring or the Catch Documentation Scheme, Tony’s Tuna also offers full traceability on all fish sold, with the ability to track catching time and location, bait fish fed during the ranching process and all harvest and processing data relating to dates, style, weights, etc.

Bait fish and feed.

DAFF Biosecurity closely monitors all baitfish imported from overseas. Each pallet of bait must be accounted for by source, date and import permit number. Once delivered, Tony’s Tuna International must be able to account for each pallet whether it is in our cold storage facility or already fed to the tuna. Under our license that permits us to operate as a Quarantine Approved Premises, we must even record the temperature at which the cool rooms are kept and how we dispose of any waste from the cold storage facility.

The State Government authority, Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA), monitors the environment in and around our licensed farming sites. Water columns and the sea floor below each pontoon are monitored by PIRSA during and after each season, issuing reports to Government confirming that we meet the strict licensing conditions imposed by our farming license.

Tuna health and safety.

Our divers and staff at both the farm sites and company laboratory conduct a daily monitoring program focusing on the health and condition of the tuna. We also closely monitor water quality including any algae readings, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels. There is also our own environmental monitoring program of the sea floor under and around the cages. Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA) and Government agencies also have monitoring programs that provide Tony’s Tuna International with additional information.


The Australian Government, through DAFF Biosecurity, closely monitors every aspect of the processing and exporting operation of all tuna farmers in Port Lincoln. Australia is internationally recognised as having some of the strictest quarantine regulations in the world. DAFF Biosecurity licenses and monitors processing operations on-shore, regularly visiting premises to ensure that the approved HACCAP plans are being adhered to.

Waste, water and recycling.

All waste from the harvest is brought ashore and delivered to a re-processor for the manufacture of organic products for horticultural purposes. All factory wastewater meets  EPA standards.

Purse seine fishing

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